ARIIX Optimal-V

Using ingredients from natural sources, Nutrifii Optimals contain a comprehensive array of high-potency vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and micronutrients carefully blended and perfectly formulated with balanced ratios for maximum absorption, increasing their benefits to you. Including supplements like Optimal-V® and Optimal-M® in your diet can help your body function at peak levels by promoting whole-body health and wellness, while correcting and preventing nutritional deficiencies* that negatively impact your physical and psychological state.

Vitamin Therapy
That Supports
Cellular Function

Optimal-V includes 17 different vitamins, plus unique and beneficial ingredients such as beet root, wheat grass and grape seed extract, delivering a healthy boost to your system. When your body is vitamin or mineral deficient, you can feel mentally and physically sluggish, among other things. Consider these potent capsules your first step towards achieving and maintaining optimum health.

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