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Before I found LIMU, I was a high school educated carpenter for 14 years, building log houses in Whitefish, Montana. A lull in the construction business forced me to try a job in sales, where I was miserable! I quickly figured out that trying to meet quotas from a cubicle just wasn’t for me. Although I had very little financial success in my first company, I loved the support and business model.

In September 2011, I was introduced to the LIMU Experience® and dove in headfirst. I received a phone call from a longtime friend of mine who mentioned that he and his wife were leaving a 5-figure monthly income to start over with LIMU, where they could help more people succeed. I figured if they were willing to do that, I could surely leave my company, where I was struggling.

As a longtime surfer, scuba diving instructor and all around ocean lover, changing peoples’ lives through the power of the ocean seemed like a no-brainer.

I gave him my information and the rest is history. It turned out to be the best decision I would ever make for my family.

I went 2K VIP and got my $500 back in the first month, then hit 5K the next. Little did I know I would sit the next 6 months as a 5K with 7 people sponsored who ended up doing very little. Meanwhile, I had been pursuing my best friend of 14 years, a local restaurant owner, to get involved. One day after the San Diego event, I finally received a text from him claiming he was ready to get to work.

We joined forces and built a team of 128, consisting of people from all walks of life and various ages between 16 and 68. In just 6 short weeks, I went from 5K to 100K! Partnering with someone who had the same goals and beliefs as myself was an absolute game-changer.

Persistence was and still is the key to success. It’s important not to buy into other people’s dreams, but to hold onto what you know you can do.

LIMU is a business of people helping people, which I believe is the real reason we are all living. I was able to use the personal development skills I had known to be true in order to help others see their potential and ultimately reach their goals.

Now, I drive a FREE BMW X5, have been on two all-expenses-paid trips and received a $10,000 bonus, a $20,000 bonus and a $30,000 bonus on top of regular commissions. I have replaced my full-time income and even lost 15 pounds!

To this day, I constantly share my love of LIMU with extended family and friends. My newfound income enables me to travel, allowing me to provide hands-on coaching and instruction to my team. When I help people begin their LIMU business and gain their own financial independence, the gratitude I get in return is by far the most rewarding LIMU Experience.

Since beginning this journey, I’ve had an amazing sense of accomplishment. I get chills daily hearing the successes people are having with the product.

Thank you to my LIMU family, as well as Gary Raser for sharing this opportunity and making it possible for us to never have to worry about our health or financial stresses ever again.

I am Greg Bauman and I am LIMU!

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