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I am Brent Palmer, and this is my LIMU Experience.

Six years ago, when we were introduced to LIMU, I had recently taken a new job, which meant a pay cut and a 45-minute commute each way. It also meant more time away from my wife, kids and their activities. But then a prayer from several months before was answered in the form of LIMU. Very reluctantly, I went to a friend’s house because his brother-in-law wanted to show us something. It was a business that was brand new to our area. I called my wife ahead of time and told her I was going to swing by their house on my way home, but that I definitely wasn’t interested in anything and would be home as soon as I could slip out the back door.

Thank goodness I went by, because what I saw was an opportunity that I could not get out of my head: a low startup cost, an opportunity that was new to my area and something we would do together as a team.

I kept thinking about the fact that our salaries and our retirement were being cut, our insurance was going up and we had nine- and five-year-olds at home that we wanted to spend more time with. We loved watching our son play travel ball and our daughter perform ballet. Yet, on our educators’ salary, we were just getting by.

The way we were headed, both of our kids would be in college when we became ready to retire. Yeah, right! Retirement was not a realistic option. After I retired, I would still have to get another job somewhere else. I told my wife about LIMU, and after several days of research and prayer, we decided this just might be the thing we needed.

Leaders told me that through teamwork, we could build a business and make a good income on a part-time basis.

That was all I needed to hear. As a former coach, I knew about teamwork and how to build a team, so if these products worked like the research showed they did, we’d be in business.

In January we began our LIMU journey. We began building our team, and what we saw was wonderful! On day 60, we reached the 20K rank and were qualified for the LIMU BMW CLUB. We were so excited because when we first joined, we were hoping to reach that rank in about 8-12 months. We started generating a good income into our household, and the car bonus allowed us to sell our old car.

We kept working, but barely made 20K again the next month. About four months into the business, we reached 50K and earned a higher level of income, plus a free Caribbean cruise! We’d never been on a cruise before, so this was really exciting for us. Once we were at 50K, we realized we were into some serious money, because our monthly LIMU checks were more than my administrator salary for the month.

I also noticed another great thing about this business: Unlike most companies where it is “lonely at the top,” my friends that joined our team were also making money with us.

My wife says it’s just like the Bible teaches: we are blessed to bless others. After 5 ½ months of working, we hit 100K and qualified for the $10,000 cash bonus. Reaching that rank totally changed how we viewed LIMU. It allowed us to give more at church and we were able to help a family in another country. We began this journey hoping to help people, but what we were seeing was so much bigger and better than what we ever imagined.

The impact we saw on so many lives just drove us to work harder, and after 16 months, we hit the rank of 500K! Wow. And this was while we were both working full-time jobs!

This was a major turning point for me because I decided to leave my career and solely focus on LIMU. I had gone into education to be able to help kids, but by working LIMU, I found that I could help many more families (kids included) than I could as a school administrator. Everyone in my community thought I was crazy to leave my tenured position with retirement and benefits. Again, Ann and I took the leap of faith and followed what we thought was my purpose.

Once I went full-time with LIMU, I was able to travel all over the country using my skill of coaching to help other families make it to Friday. After a few more months, we earned the rank of 750K and applauded our team as several of our teammates hit the ranks of 50K, 100K, 200K and 300K! What started out as a “thing” to do on the side to help us make it to the end of the month, has become a passion to help people all over the world do the same.

Not only have we seen our income increase from our teacher salaries, but we’ve seen our children grow up in an environment that teaches them awesome life lessons such as stepping out of your comfort zone and working hard to go after your dreams even when others try to talk you out of it.

We’ve seen them learn to help others even when you have to sacrifice some of your time. Both of our children see LIMU as a business they want to be a part of when they are adults and that is another answered prayer.

You see, when I was a coach, we did it as a family. When I left coaching, it took that fulfilling aspect away. Then we started LIMU, and Ann saw it as a way to regain the family aspect. It is such a blessing to know that LIMU is something we can do as a family with our own little family, as well as all of our “adopted” LIMU family, for years to come.

I can’t say that our journey with LIMU has been all grins and roses, but I can say that our journey with LIMU has led my whole family to a place that I can say I’m proud of, and led me toward a legacy I want to leave behind. Thank you, Gary and Helen, and all those who fight to keep LIMU alive and well for all of us.

We are Brent and Ann Palmer, and we are LIMU!

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