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Before joining LIMU, I was a stay-at-home mom who spent most of my day in pajamas until it was almost time for my husband to arrive home. Usually, I would quickly get dressed so he’d think I was actually busy all day.

I loved the privilege of being able to raise and homeschool my children because it allowed me to go back to school and work towards earning my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

After my oldest child started high school and didn’t need my one-on-one attention, my degree was complete and I was left searching for a job, and the jobs just weren’t there.

One day, my cousin, who was already on his LIMU journey, brought up the company and told me to look into it. I didn’t consider myself a salesperson of any kind, so I didn’t give it much thought. He eventually drove an hour and a half to sit down at my kitchen table and tell me about this business opportunity. At that point, I had never tasted the products, but immediately saw the vision of where this company was going and trusted him explicitly.

I signed up with the Fast Track Pack that day and never looked back.

Just weeks after joining, I hit 20K and was able to pick out my very own BMW, provided by LIMU. Not long after, I reached 50K, and before I knew it, I made it to 100K and then 200K! It’s unbelievable how fast it all happened, but it was thrilling and motivating to say the least.

I can truly say with confidence that all of LIMU’s products are stellar. My whole family started drinking them and began seeing results right away. Thanks to BLU FROG® and LIMU ORIGINAL®, we gained more energy than we’d ever had before.

We refer things like a good movie or restaurant to our friends all the time, but never get paid for it. With LIMU, we stand behind excellent products and get paid to promote them.

Our LIMU business has turned into something greater than we could have ever imagined. I’m no longer looking for a job. Instead, I’m now dressed and going somewhere every day, building my business and earning more money than I ever dreamed possible.

My husband will now be able to retire before he’s forty and my daughter is attending Texas A&M like she’s always dreamed.

LIMU allows me to have the best of both worlds when it comes to my career and my family. I’m able to be with my kids whenever I need to be, and don’t have to worry about asking my boss for time off.

I am Amy Weatheread, and I love LIMU!

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